Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Natures Medallion Designing

If I didn't have enough fun doing the first Mirror Mirror Lets Design entry, here we go again.  Here I first chose a simple contemporary leaf motif.  As in the Mirror Mirror Let's Design  posting last week, I first drew a few copies of the same motif on tracing paper,  played and placed them in a pre graphed 45 degree angled wedge on graph paper.  Below, the mirrors have not yet been placed directly on the pre drawn lines.
 Once the mirrors are moved in to the perimeter lines, you can view the beginning of the medallion.
So I'm saying I think I can work with this design and I glue down the pieces of tracing paper.
I again added some linear elements to unify the 3 leaf motifs.

I finished this piece off with my original intention of
1) adding a structured border with layered feathers
2) adding several of natures multi legged insects crawling through the medallion.
In this image (unlike the mirror mirror entry, I have yet to decide and draw in the background fillers.
This entire piece began with the simple idea of critters here and there, and the simple leaf motif shown on tracing paper separate and above the designed wedge.

Using the wedged mirrors, I get a decent view of the overall plan.
The last  design thing to do (unfinished here)  is to create a new/ clean tracing on ONE sheet of tracing paper. This finished tracing will become what is used to mirror and enlarge for the final pattern.
This time, I'm remembering to double outline (echo) the edges of feathers and other elements which will have a textured filler added up next to it.   This is the time to do this... BEFORE the fillers are drawn in or decided upon.
Sadly.. The designing part of this is the fastest and somewhat the most fun as cloth marking and quilting will be a major time effort.