Monday, June 3, 2013

Austin is Awesome!!!

What a joy!!! I just taught a 2 day  Painted Quilt Art class here in Austin, Tx with members of the Austin Area Quilt Guild.  Such a fun, adventurous group!  Public thanks here to Frances (program VP) , Mary and Jan (Workshop  Officers) for a wonderful time.  This group was"cranking" big time.  I was able to capture a few pictures as yesterday ended so will share them here. I love to show off students work both  paintings finished and in progress.
Here are but some of the varied fine work from the last 2 days...   Please consider all photographs and patterns as copywritten     I'll begin with RENEE's Iris
Kitty captured these 2 adorable dogs. These are Kitty's 2 generation dogs.
 Lee chose to interpret a photo of a sweet dog to be featured in an upcoming fundraiser guilt.
 Rats... I'm a bit uncertain which magnolia this is... there were 3 painted.
(c) patt blair pattern
 Marie produced a serious set of tiger eyes. There were a couple more tigers painted but somehow not photographed.  I was pretty much brain-fried though mighty happy at day's end. Nice work all!
 (C) patt blair pattern
Kathleen (  created a piece honoring her beloved kitty. 
 AND a lovely rose.
 Mary Kay is painting her beloved therapy dog Caleb. I would love to meet Caleb. He's  beautiful inside and out. Don't you want to hug this animal?
 Sharon has her dog nearly finished.  ( My apologies that I missed getting a photo of our other Sharon's ( Sharon C.) floral Datura.)
 Holly took on a bold challenge of this bee hive and wow... it is well on it's way to something exceptional.
Sandy had some great fun creating this whimsical butterfly. 
                                            (c)  patt blair pattern
I'm showing 3  in progress dragonfly pieces...
(C) patt blair pattern
 Frances is a great photographer.  The shot on the left is her own photo of El Capitan in Yosemite ( one of natures most magnificent places on earth ). To the right is a closer view of  part of her in-progress painting of her photo image. I have no doubt the finished piece will be exceptional.
I surely missed a few photos of other work.. Rats...  THANK YOU ALL for a great 2 days.


Lee Martin said...

Austin IS awesome but so was your class! I really enjoyed it (and you) and learned a lot about a fun technique new to me. Thanks!

Patt Blair said...

Lee.... You are so kind . I had an outright blast with this group. Thanks again and good luck with your fundraiser project. ;-) patt.
p.s. You and Kitty will be glad to know I reorganized all those loose fantastix yesterday morning. Thanks for your help in class.