Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kathy's Pets

Well, one is hers, one a friends!!!  I Love it when I receive photos of finished student quilts so I get to brag about their work.  Earlier this year I taught a 2 day painting retreat in Sutter Creek, Ca. ( way beautiful town and much fun). Most of the focus was on animal portraits and Kathy ( who also raises a variety of chickens) created this adorable portrait from a photo of her 'flying hound.' Not only is this final product great, I think she must be a pretty good photographer to catch an in flight photo like this reflects.  Kathy has great attention to small details and makes wonderful and subtle transitions in value. Gotta love this sweetheart!!!
It's equally exciting to see when students continue creating.  Kathy must have great friends as well as being one herself.  I understand she created this portrait for one of her dear friends. Lucky friend!!!!

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Robbie said...

Fantastic pieces...and a compliment to you and your teaching for students to get such wonderful results! Applauds to you each!