Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beneath The Hills

At the very bottom of this piece, there  are several repeated 2 inch strip sets of 4 fabrics . These first 2 are both graphic and busy and because this quilt is about HEART, I quilted them using hearts
3 stacked hearts are the basic motif.... moving to adjacent space for 3 more, then 3 more.... til 'filled.' 

There  are also strips of graphic circles.. each strip a wee bit different than the next offering a bit of variety in stitch motifs.  basically... just secure  the perimeter of circles... and micro stitch a fill on the inside.

The last of the 4 strip fabric sets is a black and white grid divided by a circle fill fabric strip.  It's a pretty lumpy look to start.

A simple black thread stitch  inside the black squares or triangles forced a more formal finish and offered variety to the overall area.
All that's left is the signing and finish. Yeah!!!

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