Monday, April 6, 2015

Longarm Quilt Top Floating

New best Longarm Friend here. If you 'float' your quilt top.. you'll love this... and perhaps I'm the last to know of this use of something designed for another purpose.   Meet an 18" magnetic bar designed for storing  metal knives and tools. Such a bar would normally be screwed onto a wall with tools/knives added/removed as needed.    In the case of a longarm quilter floating a quilt top and batting at the top 'belly' bar ... 4 or 5 of these bars applied atop the quilt top along the belly bar should hold your top nice and secure.  One caution... these are mighty strong magnetic bars that  should you ever allow them to connect to each other might keep you from getting them apart.
 I got these at a Harbor Freight Store.   They were found in the clamps / ties, and hinges  hardware section.. not the magnet section.  I don't know if all Harbor Freight stores are set up the same but since the signs above aisles appeared to be mass produced... I might guess yes. If so.... it is aisle 7. I paid $5 U.S. + tax per bar.   'Suspect you could order online as well.
 Can't wait to given them a try.  Much thanks to Gammill dealer friend Kelly Gallagher-Abbott of Jukebox Quilts for this tip.

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