Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh... Big Kitty Returns

Last summer I began a long awaited companion piece to a earlier piece titled Winter Hunt. In that piece, a mountain lion  pushes way through snow and brush in search of a meal.

I always wanted to tackle a summer season equivalent, so this time this withdrawn/generally shy cat will sit high atop a mountain rock formation highly focused and studying prey below.  This new cat began it's life in 110 degree heat of Cabo San Lucas. He (?)  came home in a partially painted state so today, this cat is back on my home studio work table to get sky and clouds blocked in .. then the overall piece refined with small details and corrections.
 I think I have a couple days work to fill in/refine this painting. I  do love finishing a painting but know the REAL work comes  in the quilting. On average, for every day I spend in the painting process, I can add a full week of quilt time. First things first though....  

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