Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Quilt For SAQA

I am starting the quilting process on a 12" x 12" piece that will become part of the 2015 SAQA ( Studio Art Quilt Associates) September Auction supporting the advancement of the Art Association.  When you attend a major show like Houston International and see large gallery exhibitions, you can know some part of this to be auctioned piece helps makes that happen.

 The quilt top is a custom giclee print (of one of my oil paintings) on fabric. I am working on silk so you will see sheen on the surface as light reflects like crazy... a good thing!  I am starting here to lay in some thread work in the mane and face.  The question for me these days is what NOT to quilt.  Click on photos for enlarged view
I am saving the white areas and white thread til last... almost there.
The white areas of the mane are fun and stand out the way I intended in the original painting..... BUT... I think it needed a tiny bit of securing so as not to stand apart too much. 
He is pretty well secured.  Next post I'll work on the luscious red and black silk background.

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