Sunday, April 19, 2015

No room for a design wall?

I seldom piece quilts or I would have a large design wall.... but honestly have little room left for one.... The solution.... large wood framed-stretched canvases covered with flannel. Here there are two shown..side by side and  leaning against my unseen painting work table.When unused, they are stored back to back upright behind an always open door to the room. It seems to work well for the occasional need... here as I begin to layout colorful Christmas tree blocks.  I still need about 3  more rows of trees/half trees  but I'll get there as taxes are done and sent last week... YEAH!!!
I  confess I sew on small blocks when nerves are up and time is little. I will shortly return/ continue work on a painted piece begun months ago. I'm excited to get back to something calling to me for weeks.

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