Saturday, May 2, 2015

Facing Off The Red Lion

As soon as I complete this post, I will be packaging this piece and sending it off to SAQA in prep for their September beginning of the annual auction fundraiser.
First to get it faced.

I cut 4 strips (1/3/4" wide)  and added them to the squared up quilted piece using a scant 1/8" seam allowance. It's like adding a sashing to a completed quilt.
Before the facing can be rolled to the back.... I will turn under the outer raw edge 1/4" and stitch
from the front add a stay stitch of sorts at 1/16" off the seam where strips were added. Click on photo for enlarged view. 
To better understand this 1/16" stay stitch idea.... see the photo below where the  inside  left  of the 1/4 inch pressure foot is my guide moving directly against the seam.  This makes for a uniform stay stitch that pierces the fabric and batting that is in the original 1/8" seam used to add the initial  ' face sashing' strips. 
Now to turn two of 4 sides to the back. I usually start with the top and bottom edges...  dampened  facing sashing rolled to the back with an iron and pinned to cool.

One can  now use a needle and thread to applique or binding  stitch the  finished edges to the backing  leaving the loose outer edges to be removed as shown below.   The intent: get rid of excess bulk before the next 2 sides are turned to the back.  The cutout piece can be tossed. 

The remaining two sides are pressed/rolled/stitched to the backing using hand miters at the corners. Finally add a sleeve / label where warranted. 
In this case.... I have machine stitched a label directly to the sleeve before completing the sleeve as a 'tube' and  before adding a sleeve to the top back. 

This LABEL albeit small has all the info one would want on any quilt
Title, size, techniques, textile/batting content, artists statement, artist and quilter name, when made, artist location/contact info. 
I have come to create lables using Powerpoint. I first photograph my quilt front and have the image in file on my Mac.  I open a new powerpoint presentation... slide 1.. pick a background, insert the picture, add text boxes and info about the quilt... then SAVE the slide as a .jpeg rather than a powerpoint presentation.   I can then insert the .jpeg into a word doc and can make and print  the label any size I want... in this case about 3" x 5" .. small enough to fit on the sleeve.   I save copies of all labels created... ie all quilts... in a  Documents folder called "labels".    I have all the info I ever need about  any quilt I've made... all in one place. 


Diane Hock said...

Part, what a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!!

Patt Blair said...

Thank you Diane... He's in the mail to SAQA albeit a tiny bit painful as I like him as well. Once received by SAQA, he'll appear on the web at in prep for the September auction ( at least I think) lest they hold him for live auction at Houston in late Oct/early November. I have one more 12 x 12 giclee of him and if interested, I will likely have it quilted and for sale at some point.