Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quilting a Graphic Miniature

This is fun... Quilting small pieces allows one to get that timely gratification that comes with completion. The quilting in this kind of piece is secondary but must support the bold string image. Because there are 4 segments of the background, this is a great time/way to create stitch samplers.

First to select threads...   I'm choosing in this sampler series to keep the thread less important.. rather neutral rather than an earlier set of samplers where I played with threads that would really show up  that were compliments.
I like showing a variety of stitches... this piece a 90 degree angled meander..  sort of square like. 
 This one that both moves your eyes a bit and also gives a sense of stability or strength.
 This echoed pool of thread is fast, simple and somewhat 'quiet' in comparison to others.
 Once quilting is finished, I'll trim tight to the quilt edge before finishing with a facing.  

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