Friday, May 1, 2015

Meandering topography quilting

The dark reddish/black areas are at the top of the piece so I do those first with a slightly darker thread value than will be used on the brighter red area.
after that.. the brighter red areas were filled followed by the darker black at the bottom of the image.
You have a decent view here of the overall  background effect.
and finally sign that kitty. I usually make light parallel chalk lines to regulate my letter height.... then stitch my first name forward... then backtrack..  Below I have done just that on the first name.... and am now in the process of backtracking on the last name.  Backtracks with even 40wt. thread makes a bold signature.... a long ago tip from Ruth McDowell.
Happy quilting!   I 'll be facing this small piece next posting.

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Robbie said...

FANTASTIC!!! Workmanship is wonderful!!!!