Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Have You Seen This Quilt?

 Update... 6-4-2015 
PLEASE ... if you have this quilt in your possession, PLEASE return it no questions asked. My  insurance carrier  offers  NO compensation for it's disappearance. I spent 2 solid months creating this piece. I need it back.   Please step up if you have it. I don't deserve this loss and you can't sell it as you don't own it.  Patt

This art quilt vanished in April between Central and Southern California.. I'd love to have it back as it represents an enormous investment in energy, time, passion, etc. The digital image was created by a very talented digital painter from Arizona , printed on silk, quilted/finished, owned by me.  I'd like the image artist to have it. I am admittedly heartbroken.
Should you come across it, please return the piece... no questions asked. The label on the back  ( copy below) provides contact info.  Thank You,  Patt
UPDATE: 5-25-15... still vanished..  Thanks all for sharing this post. Still hope it returns.

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Robbie said...

Patt, I am so upset for you. I just did a FaceBook post...I hope someone sees it...was it shipped UPS? or who? Hopefully, it's just sitting somewhere and will arrive. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!