Friday, May 29, 2015

Light and Dark patterns on Fur

This will be quite a journey for me.  This cat is standing in hot sun with extra light high-lites and then countered  with darker darks. I'll be using both solid color threads ( all 40 wt poly)as well as 1 inch  variegated polys). These happen to be YLI Variations as I gathered quite  a large thread stash when I began doing animals... Now Superior has some great ones too and I love their thread quality as well. In this case... I'm placing in some patterned highlites.
 Mountain Lions are patterned similarly to some house cats.. in fact are more like an oversized hunter house cat than any other of the BIG cats. One of the reasons I am so fascinated with this animal is that they are seldom seen... They like it that way. I've lived in mountain lion  'mountain country' for 9 years and have never spotted one.  Maybe not a bad thing!    I'm going to secure the cats eyes but NOT quilt the eye.
You can see the monofilament ditch quilting here. It will be covered  and disappear with much later quilting motifs.
 I used dark solid behind a sun lit ear... Now to start use of variegated... first a mid value 'Variations'
 I don't rush through quilting the 'important central' image. I like time for nuanced paths to present themselves.  Time to break before moving forward.

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