Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fusing with Melody

Anyone who has ever met Melody Johnson knows she's talented... and  she is another woman marching to her own drum. I love that.  This small piece below hangs at my studio. Some years back, I had recently seen it on the cover of Quilting Arts when my guild had Melody as a guest speaker. (Of course I had booked her as I had long appreciated her work)  She showed up with a few 'for sale' quilts. When I saw this was among them, I was shocked to be able to get it .  This is a very different palette than Melody's  norm at the time.  Its odd and enjoyable shape is hung using Command strips... kind of post it noted to the wall. Wonderful invention.
 On the opposite wall of my studio is this Melody quilt.... full of energy and fun!  Melody is still creating like crazy... just may be different stuff than we used to see.
 Speaking of marching to their own  art quilter I DON'T own but would've owned this one if I could is Laura Waslowski (of Artfabrik), a good buddy of Melody and another member of "The Chicago School of Fusing. "  This was a pretty large for sale piece that someone beat me to the punch!  I love her sense of humor!
Another reason I salute Laura is that I remember her talking about the tomb of the unknown sew... er! She said she saw these tombs all over the country!  When I bought my studio in 2007, I thought of Laura as I found the concrete slab had 2 tombs only inches apart.

I figured they must have been very small sew... ers. ;-( 

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Robbie said...

Very nice seeing the art work from artists you've accumed through the years!! Very nice! Love the 'tombs' too!