Sunday, May 29, 2016

A FEW Retreat Pics

I work pretty hard at my teaching retreats... on the move all the time and little breaks to photograph works in  progress. I captured a few.... sooooo cool to see peoples growth and well just having fun counts too.  I'm lucky to have a great group of people that keep coming back....

 First time student Robin Halliday nailed this one and is on a second painting!   WOW!.
 Michelle H's portrait work is spectacular. Cute boy and HAT!
I'm so proud of Cindy T. ....  This guy is in progress here.  He's BIG!
Diana's sunset scene makes you want to go to this lake.
 Janmarie Halliday is well on her way to creating a spectacular piece.  She's such a talent... She could teach this class.
Lynnita's sweet angel Olivia has had a spectacular year... Made it through heart surgery and is growing .  This painting is just the beginning of a grand plan. ;-D

 Diane is going great things these days....   talk about growing skills quickly. I so love it   ( c) .
 Our dear Mr Tinsley is definitely the leader of his puppy pack. They adore him and likewise in return.
Coming from Native American heritage, dear friend Terri  is on her way to another spectacular image. Oh how fun this would be to quilt!

Diane Kubiak  brought a slightly out of focus, monochromatic print of her father from his commercial fishing days. It's a real challenge working from a limited reference photo... but I think we got the feel of him and his work. 

 Finally.. just mailed to me... a finished fabric painting by Elodie who was fascinated with how one might paint the dozens of water drops on her photo of a hibiscus.  She figured out just fine...   Lovely. Boy would this be fun to quilt.  Kudos Elodie!

I think sometimes people think I'm nuts with such a variety of subjects all being painted at the same time.  I can't imagine doing it any other way....   This because I don't want anyone telling ME what to do.... so why would I???     Happy painting and quilting to all.  Apologies for all the images I missed getting a snapshot!     Til next time.   By the Way.... I have sooo many  requests in hand for next year, I'm negotiating a second session date.  'Should have some news next week...  Patt

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