Friday, May 27, 2016

Oh What Fun!

This years  Painted Quilt Art retreat was nothing short of spectacular... So many wonderful, talented people who enjoyed being and growing together. This event has become an annual getaway for many!
So we picked a great weekend... ! The Wine and Balloon Festival was on with some dozen balloons directly surrounding our venue. The sounds of fire breathing dragons were everywhere.  I must also admit we had our own wine and cheese event  on the covered patio.   So sweet!
Atop that, we had a great visit from a local friend  Jan who brought in 2  seven week old Eurasier puppies.  Were they not already spoken for (and soon to leave the 'nest'), there would have been some checkbooks opened and drained.  These are a highly protected European breed.
 One of the BOYS!
                                                I think TEDDY BEAR!!  Don't you?!

Sooo much great work created... I captured  only a few as I am usually on the move working around the room.  I related to the following cartooned work about corporate restruct. I've been through it  and so have many I know.   "Dawn does follow the dark!" 
                                                              SITTING DUCK


More serious work was done as well  but I needed to get something fun out here now.

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