Friday, May 6, 2016

Empty Spools 2016 was FULL of talent

I was lucky to teach at session 2 of Empty Spools On the beautiful Pacific Coast at Asilomar. Here are but a few of student works, most from never before painters on fabric.... Some projects are not shown because they are planned for a later unveiling by the  specific painter. SOOO many nice pieces.  Whaddaya think of this?.. a first time ever  portrait. Quilting yet to come and will  nicely compliment work already done.
This piece was painted and quilted in class ( plus 2 more... what a wiz!) 
This is one of my drawings taken a whole new and exciting direction!!!!  WOW! 

This was such a rewarding project to watch come to life... A "never give up" mentality kept this student working hard to achieve success.  I would have fun quilting this piece!! 
I know this beautiful animal and his owner Anne. He was all painted and mostly quilted by the end of class. I hope I get to see the finished work.  ;-D
Another adorable animal. Don't you feel the bright sun hitting the head?
This adobale portarit began at Houston International In Nov. last year and completed here at Empty Spools Seminars.  Yep... those eyes are BLUE!!!!! 

                                           A nice portrait started and finished ...
 I'm loving the use of rubbing plates with Inks!!! search rubbing plates and you'll find dozens of options! This texture achieved with Fabric Textures by ShadeTex
I Love this barn...  The painting is a pretty good size. Quilting will do great things for this beautifully painted image. 
This piece is still on a foam board and yet to be pressed so it is misleading as it DOES have a smooth finish. This was such a great piece to come forth as the brides Mom painted for the first time.  Patience is definitely a virtue. It's a challenge working with so much light values.  But Mom did great!  Such a beautiful daughter bride. 
This set of tiger always always comes out great.  I wouldn't want to make this cat mad! 
KUDOS to all who attended. Wish I could've posted all pieces... but be certain... everything done was great!   

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