Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gettin' ready for my Annual Retreat in Beautiful Temecula, Ca

My once a year Painted Quilt Art Retreat begins this Friday and for fun... I have created  another optional drawing for attendees.  Most students bring something of their own to paint and yet sometimes... some want to pick up something NEW of mine. ( I have about 8 drawings options I bring)   So this year... I've been collected bird images for a while.... and decided to place them atop a 30s quilt fabric . . Of three birds... I love this little one the most.... He's sort of exclaiming.... Look at MEEE!!!!
This is fun to paint...   the birds are easier than one might think.... and the quilt even easier as the 30s fabric patterns were simple and fun... I made up a few NEW old 30s fabrics ' just for fun. ' Markers made the fabric patterns a near cinch.  I'll quilt it eventually  but painted is plenty good for class.  Next years retreat dates are posted at pattsretreats.blogspot.com( see the link on the sidebar)  and reservations can be made by contacting me (patt@pattsart.com).

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