Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cart Before The Horse

This may be a strange way to see this project because it is actually 100% done by the time of this post. There's multiple reasons but the key one to me is I needed to be dedicated/ not distracted from this project.  I'd been dreaming of this image for years knowing I wanted to paint/quilt it but was delayed for 2 reasons.... 1) I had no idea how I might paint the mane on this incredible animal.... I had to make it up in a daydream mode.... and 2... it would be so large( over 50" x 60"), I knew I wouldn't quilt it on my domestic so  I spent plenty of time getting very familiar with my longarm.  First the painting....  Drawing laid beneath fabric and features starting to be laid in.


More details  within a day or so..

a bit of closeup as he progressed.
It was a week or so before the mane showed up.... 

  Oh the Mane....    My long ago watercolor mentor Robert E Wood Jr.  often quoted his belief that "CREATIVITY" is a winding path to an unknown destination!"  He was oh so right on this mane. I was scared...unsure at best... but had to get started. 

 a closer look ( FYI: below... I was painting away from studio on an odd sized table.. i.e. round) I decided I need some light value warmth so am starting to add in here.. Some neutral  here and there light tan over gray came in later.

 (Back in studio)

He ( my White Knight)  is ink on cotton... and as you can see he is a much larger than the table on which I'm working.  Given that this image  only covers the front legs forward, he's pretty close to life size.  He's nearing  a finished painting here though a light value  gray needed in the background.  Without that addition we'd have a very flat white on white painting. 


Robbie said...

I have been in awe of your work in the past and this piece is OUTSTANDING!!! Can't wait to see as it progresses....

Patt Blair said...

Thank You Robbie