Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"TAG!" You're IT!

I'm already thinking about Holiday giving. Lots of travel happening amongst my friends.  What do you think of this economic gift that will use up stash and call only for a small $ outlay for mid weight vinyl plastic for the travel card slot?

For ONE luggage tag, you will need:
FABRIC: TWO   fabric rectangles 3 1/2" x 6 1/2"
                 ONE   matching fabric 1 1/2" x 11" rectangle strip
                 ONE 2 1/2" x 4" clear  vinyl rectangle
Your version of a luggage tag insert ( any word program will do or make your own)

Okay... here's the process

To make the Tag hanger strip.
...  IRON and STITCH:
 Top Row 1: the flat 1 1/2" x 11" strip
Row 2:  Right side down, fold over edges and press (I use  my friend Mr. Starch)
Row 3: Fold strip  from row 2 at center and press
Row 4: Along the loose edge, run a single straight stitch end to  end 
Set aside for later.

To make the Tag holder: 
Place  2 (3 1/2" x 6 1/2" ) fabric rectangles RST Right Sides Together
Place a  pencil  mark perpendicular  from right edge  at 5 inches on each  LONG side ( see pic ( lower image))
Place a  pencil mark perpendicular to the very center of the left edge  of the SHORT SIDE (see pic lower image ) 

Beginning at the "5" inch mark, stitch a quarter inch seam  down, across the bottom , and back up the the 5" mark on the opposite side 
(BTW... if you are making  more than one tag, this is a perfect opportunity to 'CHAIN' stitch as many tag units at a time by stitching down , across the bottom, and up and off the previous unit at the the 5" mark and onto the next at the next units first 5" mark. ) 
Back To The Ironing Board  and equipped with Mr Starch again...    Spray , then beginning at the marked center point, iron back one corner of the unstitched end.  It's okay to iron from the far side of the mark when  the next ironing on the opposite side will result in a point a bit lower than the fabric edge beneath. PRESS and turn the unit over.

With the previously ironed edges facing the ironing board,  spray starch and press back the top corners matching the edges to those beneath..  PRESS !  Once  cooled...  turn the tag unit right side out and press.   
Return to the sewing machine... place tag unit pressure foot at the top left edge of the tag unit... and place the 2 1/2" x 4" piece of vinyl plastic atop.... centering  atop the unit... ( you can hopefully see the plastic edge is approximately 1/4" from  sides and bottom edges. 

The following stitching line  will complete the  luggage tag by both adhering the vinyl and adding the tag luggage attaching strip made in the first steps above. 

 Beginning as shown in the reference pic, STITCH down the right side  atop the fabric and vinyl
( appx 1/8" inside the vinyl edge). Stop  1/8" before the bottom edge of vinyl.  Turn, stitch across the bottom edge of vinyl ( again appx. 1/8" from plastic edge. )  Stop 1/8" before opposite edge of vinyl. Turn and stitch up the left side of the tag unit stopping 1/8" from the top left edge (on the angle of the point).  
Turn  so you can stitch  toward the point ..at 1/8" from the rolled edge ( you may want to first back stitch to get to the seamed edge of the tag unit, then return to forward stitching and stop appx. 1 " before the point.   
Now... insert one end of the stitched together tag strip  about 3/4" into the pointed unit...place the stitched seam of the strip on the uphill side of the point... take a few stitches enough to hold the strip in place , then  hairpin turn the loose end of the stitched strip such to place the other end of the strip with the stitched seam on the downhill side of the point.. Stitch all the way across the downhill edge  till  you reach the side of the unit where you originally began.   THATs it! voila!!!! 

Once stitched, add your  traveler name card or in this example... 
A standard business card fits perfectly.

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Robbie said...

What a great gift idea! AND so nice of you to share your tutorial!!