Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Spooky Fun

I'm thrilled with her approval to show this quilt made by Hilary Field of the City of Orange in Southern California .  It's so fun and her embroidery work is just plain off the charts wonderful. I've quilted it for her.  It awaits binding! It called for special quilting attention for sure. Embroidered blocks first deserve the same attention given to lovely applique... that being some careful outlining of important elements.  CLICK on photos for enlarged view.
That outlining is even called for here on the grid floor. Stitch lines outlining here purple floor diamonds makes them pop. The same holds true of her table and chairs. Some simple fill patterns add texture and we're on to the next block.

I wish you could see the delicate metallic threads( the belt buckle sparkles)  in this. So well done.
Classy red undersoles!!

'Missed photographing 1 block.  Oh well!  Click here to view (pattblairquilting.blogspot.com)  or go the Patt Blair Quilting Services on this upper left page ... sidebar list of links.

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