Sunday, March 22, 2009

Check out THESE student works

A one day painting with inks class, 18 students, mostly doing different things, and all turned out GREAT! Thanks North Cities Quilt Guild for a great time. Betty Jura hosted the day and dang.... I didn't get a picture of her wild tiger. Sooooo much talent in this guild! Look at the dueling lions done by Olivia Sproal and Chris LaMorte... and the dragonfly by the one and only Mary Lou Ripper. Click on a picture for a better closeup view. Pretty neat stuff.


Eleana said...

Hi Pat!
It was so nice to see you!
See, i told you i check your blog. How's it going at Baldy?

Patt Blair said...

hi..eleana... you crack me up... nice to see you too! Living in the mountains is beautiful albeit danged COLD!