Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Step Back in Time in La Veta

Okay.. I did survive the taping of a segment of Series 5 of the Series 5 begins in July but I haven't a clue when my segment will show. There is no still photography allowed on the set of the Quilt Show. But what a hoot of a time. I met several renowned quilt artists. I stayed in a historic suite of the old La Veta Inn.... creaky wood plank floors, vintage furniture. It was great. It seemed as though Matt Dillon or Miss Kitty (Gunsmoke TV, 1960s) might stroll in at any minute. I can't even pronounce the name of the suite. There are reports this hotel is sometimes haunted by guests of days gone by. IF that is so, they were turning lights off and on. I chose to think it was old electrical wiring so we unplugged the flickering lamp. EEK... who knows? Don't ya love that old red velvet seat?

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