Friday, March 20, 2009

When the right fabric is just plain wrong.

Sometimes we just have to take risks.... and the bull by the horns at the same time. When I did this bordered equestrian piece, I had added a broken vertical line on each side border. The idea was to raise your eye up and back into the central image. This essentially worked though I admittedly use less borders today. I had looked for a subtle mid value textured fabric to insert as the vertical line drop off strip. When all was said and done, the vertical strip looked too light from a distance (key learning.. back up and look) when it had looked fine close up. So I needed to tone the fabric down by making it a bit darker. A scrap piece of fabric was tested with diluted inks and even a watered down Setacolor transparent paint, the later winning out because it offered a more compatible hue. Atop a finished quilt once again, the vertical strip was carefully painted and dried to a softer tint than appears in the photo demonstration. The end result looks like commercial fabric right off the bolt. It's not at all painterly. I had forgotten that I'd solved this little problem this way. Perhaps by posting, I'll remember and I won't reinvent the wheel someday.

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