Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Endangered headed for Paducah

Well this is a bit of a surprise.... I've never submitted anything to Paducah.... but this year I figured "what the heck!".... so Endangered was graciously juried in and will be in the mail to Kentucky within the week. This piece BARELY fits Paducahs minimum size for wall quilts. It is 41" x 41". Pigment ink and heliographic paint on cotton. Machine quilted. This piece was all about the coveted ivory still poached by greedy killers. This was the first piece I ever floated paint atop a completed quilt. Scarey! I just felt it needed to be a bit more rugged. If you click on the full view, you'll see the affect of pooling between already quilted areas. This time it worked. Who knows about the next risky move. I'm pleased it was accepted!

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Cher in BC said...

Hi Patt, Congratulations! Endangered is a beautiful quilt. Painting on a finished quilt, very brave. Good Luck.
Cher in BC