Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keith Richards Anyone?

So, check this out. The most common portraits done in Carol Culbert's (pictured at the light box) and my "A Portrait Quilt Anyone Can Do" class are of ancestors, grandchildren, children,sometimes pets,or 'people of interest' whether well known or not. This weeks class was no different but such diversity ... it was great. 'Thought you might enjoy seeing this in-progress student painting (by Guila Greer of Tarzana, California) of the infamous guitarist Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. This is one interesting face and coming along beautifully. I Love It.
Carol and I have so much fun team teaching this class quarterly at Material Possessions in Lake Forest ( We'll be teaching this at Road to California in Jan 2010 and I'll be teaching it in Houston this October.

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