Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Much Quilting do ya need?

Well, that sure is a question? The truth is ofcourse it depends. I must admit I have a tendency to use the image underneath as the start for my quilting which at times translates to I quilt a bit on the heavy side. Some of us just don't know when to quit ;-(
A heavily quilted quilt can quickly become more of a thread painting. Frankly I enjoy thread painted pieces but painted surfaces don't have to become a thread painting.
I was looking at this piece done a while back though.... and I didn't over do it so it seemed a worthwhile posting. This simple portrait called Water For Life ( part of a "water" element exhibit) just needed some quilt securing to keep the message simple. I was at a loss for how to quilt the background.... so I let flowing water hit the shower door and watched how water drizzled down the glass door changing directions while ever moving downward. Right now, I bet you are thinking this girl needs to get a life!!!! I imitated that downward dripping pattern in my quilting. The rest of the quilting was fairly simple.... securing facial features with invisible thread.... outlining folds on the boys jacket, some admitted fun with thread in the boys hair... and that's pretty much it. By the way... this piece is also titled "Surely Redfords Kid", after my long lost love, never before met... Robert Redford. That man has INCREDIBLE hair! Click on upper photo for quilting detail.

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