Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Closeup view ...Mixin' it up in quilt textures

I'm on my fourth day here in Sedona... still quilting on a piece I had several days of quilting done before arrival. The lion in winter seen earlier in this blog is about a day away from completed quilting. (I'll take it home to block and finish) I've added snowpack curvy line quilting and we re getting closer to the finish line. This is about the time I can barely stand the quilt.. I'm sort of tired of looking at it from 16" away. I'm overall liking the quilting/image matchup but the real test is when it's done and blocked. I've been using a metallic white thread for the snowpack and having a heck of a time with breakage. Some times, it's just like that. Click on photo for detail view. I brought 2 machines with me (always the plan when driving) so I'm changing machines today. I've had lots of questions about how to face quilts rather than bind. I'll photo document that on this piece but it will be a week or so before I get it posted. To the person that emailed me on this, somehow, the message somehow went to email heaven... I can't find it. DRAT!

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