Friday, April 3, 2009

What does this girl do with her time?

Don't ya sometimes wonder where your time goes?... why more projects don't get started?, or worse finished? I have a finished project that didn't feel completely finished. I started thinking about my friendship group and the lovely gift they gave me for my birthday (a tablerunner with 'cakes' at either end and flanked along each side with fabric presents (each made by a different member). I want to always remember who made what present. What better way than to place a name tag on each gift. Whaddaya think? Anyway.. all ten tags are done and can be added to presents as displayed. These were really quite simple to do.... just printed the names on fabric, fused the names to a 'tag fabric, placed fusing on the back of tag fabric and doubled fabric over (wrong sides together with fusing in between and pressed to make the tag slightly more rigid. An edge snip of the fold over edge to shape like a tag. Then a metallica needle into the machine, metallic thread top and bobbin, and a simple satin stitch around loose edges.Slow stitching kept any threads from breaking.. yeah!

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