Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love the finishing part

My "Summer" exhibition quilt is about done.. Thank goodness as it is due Monday. This is last Friday.. finishing up this fun and breezy background.
I used Superiors varigated 40 wt Rainbow thread making whimsical scrolled in and out squares, rectangles, and triangles using whichever shape the next space called for. This is a continuos line meander of these shapes. Here's a sample start of a triangle. As with any scrolled in and out shape, you plan your exit spot on this first 'outline.
Next up, scroll in.You might use a squared or rounded turnaround shape. I tend to vary it in such a busy piece as this one.
Finally, exit this shape and head for the outline of the next shape you've chosen.
Here's a snap of an area of mixed shapes.

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