Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wood is the word

The chair of the baby boy called for a simple wood grain pattern. To learn wood grain quilting.... take a sharpie and draw any shape tree limb on a practice quilt sandwich. Then starting at one end quilt part way down the limb to a location you'd like to see a 'knot' in the wood and begin to create an oval thusly.
Continue your stitching scrolling inward toward the center but leaving yourself room to turn around once in and come back out.
Now once back OUT, continue your stitch line further down the limb either toward the end, or perhaps toward the edge as in this example. At this point you will begin creating growth veins in the wood. In this case, once I stitched down the limb forward, you'll note I'm coming back toward the top of the limb... somewhat echoing the previous line coming down from the scroll.
Continue this type of pattern making some directional changes for interest.
Lastly, once you've figured it out... Save it for reference later. These sample quilt sandwiches are better than note books.
Now that we're warmed up with the practice, move on to the real deal. Look at how much the texture of quilt line enhances the wood chair leg. The as yet unquilted back leg looks BLAH!
More to go!

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