Monday, January 11, 2010

It's in the Travel Trunk

Okay, finally... "Seasonal Changes" is quilted and bound and placed in the trunk for the Noble Seasons traveling exhibit which premieres at Road To California later this week. Only today I learned my other traveling exhibit piece "Prayers For Our Children" for Robert Kaufman's "Solid Expressions" traveling exhibit ALSO premieres at Road To California. I have 3 other pieces in that show, plus a faculty exhibit...yikes... I could almost do a trunk show on the showroom floor.

For the season of summer... This all comes (in fun) out of my theory we all change very little over time. This one represents my hubby... in the summer of 1942, and well, last summer. :-)I think we just become more extreme versions of ourselves. Well, I hope you at least get a chuckle.

Prayers for Our Children
was an double experiment for me to see if
1) I could paint portraits in ink atop a yellow solid. It worked!!!
2) I could use quilting alone to express the complicated world our children are inheriting. I think it worked, but you decide for yourself. Click on photo for detail view.
I'm volunteering in the judging room for one more day.. tho I must step outside when my categories come up for judging. I'll know the outcome tomorrow night but I must say there are some knock your socks off quilts in this show. Impressive. So many people are soooo talented.

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