Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have finally got a long standing problem solved. I like to block my wall quilts pinned to a big board ironing board.., but the commercially made 'Big Board' while wonderful ( I own 2) is not BIG ENOUGH. When I learned ( in Yorba Linda, Ca) could custom make an ironing board 'pop'top that would actually fit my large wooden table... let's just say I was excited. So here's the 36" x 60" table calling for a ironing board top.
I gave Cathys hubby the exact measurements width, length, tabletop thickness, and I received back a drop over the top wood-base finished on the back with a clean white melmaline and covered in double layers of batting and a cotton cover. It's awesome. It can be moved off with minimal effort when/if the table calls for it's original configuration.
I am ofcourse now rearranging my entire studio to best make use of this new joy.

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What a great resource!