Monday, January 25, 2010

Schoolyard in Southern California

REALLY! Today my hubby and I went up to our little village on Mt. Baldy and were delighted to see school kids having snowball fights and just plain playing in the snow. This is a rare sight for Southern California generally known for sunny skies and palm trees. Our mountain home sits at 4500' elevation, about 500' higher than this schoolyard area. We had to park our SUV off the main road and hike in to our home in a 1 lane road canyon. IFFFF the sun stays out for another day or so, we can return home to stay. I love having sleeping quarters at my studio at the base of the mountain, but the novelty has worn off a bit having been there for a week or so, and ofcourse, whatever I needed was 'up the hill.'
It's my hubby's birthday party tonight. I have some 'errands' to do. Bye for now.

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