Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Art of Selling Art

Yesterday, I attended a spectacular workshop with a successful art consultant and artist. This was not a quilt class... it was indeed about the art of selling all kinds of art. I want to digest the overwhelming volume of things I heard, but one thing I wanted to share is that the last thing someone who sells their work should do is reduce /slash prices in a downward economy. Things will eventually turnaround the consultant says and if you start to sell things at less than you used to, you will highly annoy the earlier buyers that paid full price. This makes absolute sense to me when I consider what we've heard about a highly commercialized painter (of light) that began bargain selling his work on a TV shopping network. I'm told Galleries had earlier buyers asking to return purchases so they could buy on-line instead. How very ugly that had to be.... and oddly, I haven't heard much about that painter lately. Hmmmmm. The old Golden Rule holds true!

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