Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grand Canyon bound today

It's 5 am , Hubby will soon rise! We're off to circle the track for some exercise, then to the Grand Canyon for the day. I haven't been there in years and am very much looking forward to it. With Ray here, I admit I haven't done much quilting this week so I'll show you a project in progress that I will own but am not doing all the work. ( This will surely cost me) I LOVE Kaufman's Radiance fabric and wanted a whole cloth quilt made of it. Friend Kelly Gallegher-Abbott (jukeboxquilts.com) is a genius on the Statler Stitcher (Gammill) and is doing a spectacular job in stitching this cranberry quilt "for me" Yeah! Go Kelly!

This is going to be gorgeous! Lucky me!

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