Sunday, May 30, 2010

Looks a little like the Jetsons house

Hope you are all enjoying this weekend! I'm doing a block for one of my friendship group exchanges. This is a real challenge. My friend Nancy Mastroianni loves to offer projects that push people into new and hopefully creative areas....It's an area she works in all the time. She's very creative. Patterns are not always part of her quilt plan. This time... the challenge is to create an kind of nutty house that might be built by someone with more money than sense. So I got to thinking... quilters always need MORE SPACE.... I took a sharpie (orange) and drew a house in space complete with flying geese roadway connectors. I painted atop this drawing so the colors you see are bleed thru ink. Nancy loves bright colors, so this is a bit bright.

Note: If you create an original drawing for a piece, be certain you use a permanent marker and not a watercolor type marker that would bleed when it gets wet.
After painting, I applied paper backed fusing material to the back, and cut out the image.

And.. finally fuse to a night sky background.

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