Friday, May 28, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Painter Terri Hunt from Apple Valley took on a sweet kitty and hummingbirds in her own classroom challenge. This piece was 95% complete when photographed and finished 100% before class was done. Go Terri!

...and Jan Potter of Scottsdale Arizona took on a challenge painting this leapord perched in a tree. Her original reference photo has this animals head in dark shadow. Jan is using transparent inks now to get these shadows in place.


Anonymous said...

Wow these are great!!!
Had these students painted on fabric before?
I HAVE to take your class!!

Patt Blair said...

Hi Lori.... one of them had done one abstract piece that I know of.... We work hard together getting a successful result. I'm not one of the teachers that makes people struggle too long. I want students to be encouraged and keep going, keep trying new things. Pretty cool results they have eh? Thanks again for your nice comments. Patt