Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heart pounding at "Out Of Africa"

Vacation alert!
I love BIG CATS and have been looking forward to visiting this wildlife park for at least 3 years. Yesterday was nothing short of spectacular. Pretty good camera and lense plus a great guided tour made my adrenaline flow all afternoon. Very Exciting. I shot something like 275 pics in less than an hour. Was I excited or what???
Haven't done much editing yet, but wanted to post of few to prove I was really there.
I will return again... no doubt!!!! Trivia question of the day....
Which animal at this park promotes more fear in the handlers?
a. Tigers
b. Ostrich
Believe it or not... B wins. Tigers that get to know their handlers, become tolerant, even playful with the people they know. Ostrichs on the other hand, DON'T!

Boo Hoo... WE leave for home tomorrow.. but today.. I get to quilt!! Yeah

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