Monday, May 31, 2010

My "Travelin Man" in Tbilisi

As I logged on to post this piece, I suddently heard Rick Nelsons Travelin' Man song running through my head..."he made alot of stops, all over the world..." Well that's my hubby's story. He's in Tbilisi, Georgia ( the former Soviet Republic, now an independant state) and it is Ray's 55th country ( he's traveled to many of those 55 multiple times). He's more like a 71 year old college backpacker touring the world with only what fits inside his backpack. Indeed a man in need of few comforts. This visit, he took a hand full of small American flags which he hands to those who engage him in friendly fashion. Ray is like Will Rogers... He's never met a man or woman he didn't like, so on this day, he is essentially a good will ambassador for the U.S.A. He makes an annual pilgrimage of sorts to study other cultures for the sheer thrill of it.
TBILISI, Georgia.. home to 1.3 million people

He will eventually return to the city of Baku, Azerbaijan where he will fly out to Moscow, then to Los Angeles. Not soon enough for me. I miss him.

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