Sunday, May 1, 2011

On to Seaweed

I admit this is made up seaweed so hooray... as an artist, I can make it look any way I might like. I just hope it reads as seaweed. First, it was such a relatively large area that even within the space I felt it needed variety... so I first chose a circular pattern of variegated dark to light green thread only on the outer edges. Yes,,,little circles can make you nutty, but at least it was only on the edges.
Then.. to create a fill texture of the center, I was thinking about that 'brain-like' coral pattern so that went in too.
Finally, the stem-like area that recedes into the the depth of the water.... Yes.. I'm pretty certain we'd never find this pattern in the depths of the Australian ocean where this dragon lives, but again, artists have license to do whatever they think works... I 'think' this works. I will know better when the rest is complete.

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jomaj said...

I am working on a quilt in similar colors with batiks and THIS IS EXACTLY how I imagined it would be quilted! It is GORGEOUS! Thank you for the wonderful peek!