Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where This Time?

Dang... Blogger input was off the air for 2 days last week before I headed out of town in the wee hours Friday a.m. Where to?? Near heaven on earth... headed to Temecula, Ca for my second retreat this year. I have historically done one a year but this year out of overwhelming interest 2! More pics/ postings will follow... but what a beautiful valley!
As of this posting update, I am guessing all students are back at their own home nest, the furthest of which was Switzerland. This was a special group.... they all clicked with each other like long lost friends. I admit a few weepy tears materialized at departure. :-) Maybe next year again!

Seated L-R: Jan Holzbauer (Oklahoma), Chris Biro ( Calif.)
Standing L-R Darlene Garsecki ( Arkansas) ,Shirley Brown (Calif.), Andrea ( Calif) Amelia (New Mexico), Lindsay Cash (Switzerland), Kathryn Metzger (Florida), Melody Wyskocil (Calif), Corky (Calif) Peggy Ancinec ( Calif) , Olga

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