Friday, May 11, 2012

East To West on the Panhandle

That long land expanse across northern Oklahoma and Texas is next up. First things first... a third 10 foot permanent marker drawing of the panhandle route and points of interest.
The western half of the Oklahoma route has a great deal of open highway... so I've shown a few traveling vehicles. Many a young man in the 60s/70s took an open road trip on this route... just because. Few did it in a corvette but I suspect given the opportunity many would have.
This truck was old even then...
Leaving western Okla., and entering the Texas panhandle, I have an artist representing something in Shamrock, so its water tower is going on the map.
A little further west is the Devils Rope Museum (a.k.a. barbed wire).
Then Groom Texas I'm told has a leaning water tower that somehow is surviving. Why the name Britten is on the tower in Groom, I need someone to tell me.
Closer to Amarillo is the famous Cadillac Ranch of old "Caddies" buried nose down and painted as abstract art and as graffiti canvas of sorts.
Where do people come up with these ideas??!! I also hear there is a SLUG BUG Ranch ( of VW bugs.) Story has it that windmills in northern Texas have Bow Tie's on 'em.
WHY KNOT!!! I say. ;-)

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Crooked Gulley Art Quilts - Mary Couch said...

Unreal... so much talent. I love the colors and places on this piece.
Hugs from Mary