Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Quarter Inch Border Inset

This insight has been a real help in placing small color insets in borders. Before getting this skill in my toolbelt, I found the best I could get satisfactorily (meaning gaining visual width consistency)was using a 1" strip of fabric to produce a 1/2 inch inset which often seemed too wide. Forget working with small fabric strips. To create a single 1/4" inset, I used an inch and a half green inset fabric strip. Once could likely use a slightly smaller strip, but with only one inset, I wasn't worried about added bulk. I merely sewed this strip all around all 4 sides using a normal 1/4 inch seam. The wider strip was MUCH easier to work with than a skinny piece. I could get rid of excess later if needed to reduce bulk. The real trick is in this next step of adding the outside border which creates the green inset channel. From the top of quilt view, I place a ruler atop the green fabric about 1/2 inch from the previous seam.
Then, the final border is placed right side together against the edge of the ruler and then pinned.
Lastly, the final quarter-inch seam is done from the BACK (wrong side) using the outside edge of the quarter inch pressure foot as a guide to run along the previous seam edge.
Flip the seam over and press on right side. If you are worried about bulk, you could cut off excess inset fabric beyond the final seam. Complete this step around all four sides and "life is good! (Pic shown is after quilting) but border was complete before quilting began.


Laura T said...

I really like how the 1/4 border is applied and constructed. I get it! Thanks for the tutorial and love the quilting as well:)

Barbara said...

Thank you for this tip. I too have wrestled with this problem.