Monday, October 1, 2012

The Other Adobe Wall

I was away teaching over the weekend so no  postings/pics... apologies. Am now finishing up the left side of my wall piece... another wall of adobe bricks and small stones. I am double stitch outlining stones here.   FOR THE SMALL PLACED STONES ( REALLY OVERSIZED PEBBLES) ... I DON'T PLAN TO QUILT THEIR SURFACE AT ALL.   Not doing so will add a variety of texture on the wall, and since they are quite small... it won't contribute to surface distortion.

For the larger adobe bricks, I continue texture filling with my irregular round plus sharp direction changing maze pattern I label this the "indecisive worm" fill.  I came up with this fill years back when quilting painted asphalt.  It seems to work here too.
This is a vertically long wall  though narrow width wall and admittedly is a couple days effort .

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