Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Framed Giclee of Winter Hunt

I recently sold one of my favorite pieces (Winter Hunt) but as an artist I retain the licensing of the image I had on my original quilt to be  digitally scanned in sections and digitally stitched into one printable image at such high resolution, I could hardly believe it wasn't the original quilt once framed behind museum glass.  We hung it last night in our mountain home where mountain lions are known to roam our area.  The detail in the imagery is off the charts impressive.  I can see every stitch... even the slight shadows created by quilted-in puffs of snow on the tree trunks.

 These are snapshot camera images in a slightly darkened room, though my original scanned for printing image is well over 300MB of data... for 1 pic.  It's incredible workmanship by the giclee studio.  I should be able to make giclees available for sale to one who might be interested.  I can be contacted through a comment here or through my website accessible in links on the side bar.

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