Sunday, October 28, 2012

Packed to Go!!!

What a week!... nothing that seemed worthy of photos... I've been packing supplies... creating docs/ handouts, etc for Houston departure tuesday at 0 dark thirty....
I've also been working on the connections and operations of my new lecture projecter which I must take with me.  I'm tired of carrying my larger projector... not all that large really... but when one travels and teaches with what seems like tons of stuff... every little bit helps.
For traveling... I'm now moving from my big screen laptop to an 11 inch Mac Air... YEAH! and from my 8.5 pound projector to a smaller 2.5 lb Optoma ML500 projector.  So far, I love it.... the colors are brilliant and fairly simple operation once you figure it out.  Does anything come with a manual anymore???
Go to for details.  This projector is available through Best Buy... I even saw on Apples website.
I've received my new postcards... one the winter hunt image shown in previous post and another of this years Houston winner My Gentle Giant Ben... "BEN" full view and closeup!!

So I am headed out with great expectations of a fun filled week.  early Happy Halloween!

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Laura T said...

Have a wonderful time teaching in Houston! I'm jealous as I had hoped to go this year but was not able to get away from work. Hope to go next year. Good luck with Ben and I'll be interested to see what ribbon Ben gets and see some of your pictures from Houston:)