Monday, October 15, 2012

Sidestep to A Facing Sample

One might guess I am always balancing commitments and as they say... work gets in the way... only difference is this work is fun... so juggle it is.  At the upcoming International Quilting Festival  in Houston, I will be teaching my facing method.. the very thing I am stalled in the middle of in the last posting.
Since Thursday, I visited and lectured at another out of town Guild (the talented Village Quilters in San Diego), managed to get a migraine and head cold and have been out of commission for a day and a half. So now I am on the move again.    If interested on seeing the whole process at once, go to a previous posting on how to face a quilt... on the blog side bar, go to 2009, Month of April,  select "Let's Face It" 
For the upcoming quick teaching forum...unlike on a blog where I can post as I complete a project like facing, I need mini quilts reflecting steps at every effort so I am in the midst of making several block sized quilts to show the process. These are colorful small pieces I've made to stitch out the process at each step. That's my job for the today.

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