Saturday, October 6, 2012

I thought I'd Seen Everything in Quilt Shops

...until I went the 35th Street Sew and Vac in North Phoenix. This place is not just BIG, it's enormous.

This store increased it size by a good bit this last year. That suggests nothing but good things are happening here in Phoenix. All kinds of machines available ( short arm, mid arm, long arm.... domestic and commercial. Juki, Pfaff, Baby Lock, Tin Lizzie, HQ 16', and on and on.
Bolts of Fabric beyond belief in numbers.

And then row by row of threads

and that was NOT all  they had... but I was pleased to find one of my quilts represented on the Sulky Thread Cabinets. The Ballerina is one of my quilts that won The Sulky Challenge a few years back. 

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