Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The street is done.

This seems to have a good look overall.. I have completed middle to far left..west (out of view) of this quilt.  You may notice at the very right of this picture some unquilted areas. I will start from just to the right of the little girls foot (again at center of the  area to be quilted) and now quilt outward toward the right side of the quilt.  In this next effort I will work bottom of the machine toward top again quilting with the quilt in a north south position and I will finish the quilting effort at the 'east most(right) side of the quilt.

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Laura T said...

Hi Patt,

I don't remember do you use a stabilizer under the top and backing so that you don't have drawup? I'm loving how this quilt is turning out.